Adria Vanir

Human Psion (Genasi Heritage)


Adria has cloth armor, a magical tattoo (actually a Holy Symbol in place of an orb implement) on her left wrist and wears an Amulet of Health on her neck, which bears the symbol of Melora. She has an AC of 13, her Fortitude is 15, Reflex is 17 and Will is 19. She has 40 Hit Points and 7 Healing Surges per day. She carries a quarterstaff with her just in case she needs to defend herself in melee combat. She is trained in Bluff, Insight, Intimidate and Perception, with bonuses to her Dipolmacy, Endurance and Nature checks as well. Although she appears as a human for all intents and purposes, her stats actually come from her Genasi heritage. She is a ritual caster and has Tenser’s Floating Disk and Make Whole in her Ritual Book. She also has a basket of everlasting provisions.


Adria Vanir is a 20 year old human with (unknown) Genasi heritage. She is 5’6” and weighs 135 lbs. She has long black hair that is worn loose and her eyes are particularly striking as they are bluish green and uncommonly bright.

Others perceive her as witty and occasionally opinionated. She is a hopeful person and very determined. She is forceful when she needs to be. She is quite open-minded. When it comes to decisions, Adria is impatient. She is flexible about following the rules, she tends to do what she feels is right above all else. She is kind to others although she doesn’t trust easily. In dire straits Adria is fierce. She is very driven and her nerves are impulsive, which occasionally results in unintended and extremely powerful bursts of water manipulation.

Adria is the daughter of Mikal and Rebekah Vanir and was born in the city of Bray, by the Fallen Sea. Adria discovered her unique abilities when she was a young teenager. Upon finding out about them, her parents warned her that she would be cast out of she acted upon them. So she practiced in secret and eventually found her way to a temple of Melora where she was offered, and accepted, a tattoo on her left wrist that would help her to focus her abilities. When her parents discovered the tattoo, Adria was kicked out of her family. Although she and her older sister, Keira (3 years older), were never particularly close, Keira stole money from the family safe and gave it to Adria so that she had a way to take care of herself. Adria travelled far from home, following rivers and learning more and more how to increase her abilities. She is constantly trying to become more advanced in them, and has focused on that rather than finding work. However, her money was starting to run out, so she is quite grateful for the opportunity to travel with a group and have a chance to improve her abilities while finding money as well. While Adria hates that she was no longer welcome in her family because of her choice to embrace, her abilities, it has caused her to become a very determined person. She doesn’t back down easily. She misses her brother (2 years younger), Bretton, deeply and secretly hopes that he will find her some day.

Adria wears a turquoise overdress, black pants, grey boots and carries a silver flask of water on her belt at all times. She enjoys painting with homemade paints and kicking back with a goblet of wine on occasion. When others first discover her abilities, they become very startled as the ability to manipulate water and blood is incredibly rare.

Adria Vanir

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